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Trax Associates is a strategy consulting firm with a brand-driven focus. We forge the alignment of business ambition with market delivery offering companies a sustainable competitive advantage through brand building insights and methods.
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‘The Right to Brand’

The black book of brand building

Do brands matter?

Brands inform others about who you are and what you represent. From products to politics, a brand sends out signals on information critical for consumer choice and/or constituent support. Yet, as a market-critical process, the ability to brand is curiously not as strong in emerging markets. Through case studies and learning in Malaysia, “The Right to Brand” looks into the reasons behind this brand inertia. The book argues that when brands are not part of leadership thinking or planning, their creation and future value tend to dissipate without the anchor of business policy and board commitment.

It examines the operational realities, the types of mindsets, structures and skills that need to be built, and what brand related activities such as advertising, marketing, communications, customer management and design need to be harnessed and coordinated from the brand ecosystem. It proposes that as the stage of brand readiness is different from one product, company or market to the next, the ability to compete effectively among the world’s leading brands can only come from stronger brand commitment, brand knowledge and brand orientations across emerging markets not just in Malaysia, but elsewhere.

“A brand-building triumph.”

C.T. Hew. Chairman, Hew & Associates, Hong Kong

“Finally, a book connecting the importance of business with brand thinking.”

Vincent Lee, Honorary Life President of 4As, Malaysia

“A definitive book for practitioners and students of branding.”

Ali Abdul Kadir, Chairman of the Financial Reporting Foundation, Malaysia

“A masterful examination of the branding process from conception, implementation to long-term evaluation.”

Chris R. Matthews, Chairman, Hay Group Worldwide

“A well researched book on the need for pragmatic and market-relevant brand strategies.”

Rafidah Aziz, Chairman AirAsia

“The investment versus expense question on brand efforts … accounting standards aside.”

Sukanta Dutt, Managing Partner, Quality & Risk Management, Asia Pacific Area, Ernst & Young

“Ahead of its time.”

Wally Olins, Chairman, Saffron

“The book is beautifully designed, too.”

Robert A. Schäfer, Creative Director,
MetaDesign, Beijing

The Right to Brand
Levelling the brand playing field:
Lessons from an emerging market
by Yasmin Merican

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